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content moderation & AI Ethics

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Easily implement your virtues into your products with AI Ethics tools and advice


Accurately moderate content (audio, text, images, videos) on social using bleeding edge AI


Performance host your programs on the cloud, control with git, and share with your team or friends. Then apply these tools quickly across multiple channels

Protect your company image with Virtuous Clouds content moderation and AI Ethics tools. Virtuous AI can more safely predict virtues and vices than competitors (including bullying, gender discrimination, and various others). Additionally, we offer consulting and advice services for COPPA compliance and AI Ethics.

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Virtuous AI’s powerful algorithms monitor user behavior to determine their commitment to your brand. We keep trolls away from your assets. We make every interaction one that creates value for your company. Additionally, our software monitors the web to identify any content that poses a threat to your brand. Our software works continuously to keep your online space free from violence, hate, indecent, or illegal. Thus, this keeps your platform free of content that could harm your company‚Äôs reputation. The system keeps your users accountable. This reduces your overall moderation load & increasing efficiency.